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Your one-stop resource for travel health advice

Providing services in-person and virtually.

Your choice.

Why Choose TravelHealthMD?

Personalized Care: In person or Virtual

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We offer appointments both in person (at our downtown Hamilton clinic) and virtually (by phone or video). If you choose to get vaccines, we can administer these at the clinic after the consult or organize for you to get vaccinated at a partner pharmacy.

Specialized Knowledge

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Ashleigh, the travel medicine physician, is a qualified Ontario family physician. She has a Certificate in Travel Health from the International Society of Travel Medicine. 


Get your travel shots at the pharmacy

COMING SOON! We have partnered with Whole Health Pharmacies at 18 locations across Ontario. Pharmacists are knowledgable about travel health and related vaccines and will work with us to ensure a streamlined service.


So after you have your virtual visit with our travel doctor, we co-ordinate with partner pharmacies so you can pick up your medicines and receive your vaccines all in one visit.



I’m Ashleigh McCullagh-Cheung, the Travel Clinic physician. I like travelling. I am a mom of two young kids. Along with my husband, we live in Dundas.

I hold a medical degree from Queen’s University Belfast, UK (2008). I trained as a family physician in picturesque Cornwall, England. After family medicine training, I pursued a Master’s in Global Health and Development (University College London, UK 2014).


I obtained a Certificate in Travel Health, through the International Society of Travel Medicine (2019). After having my daughter, I decided to change gears from full-time family practice to focusing on 2 passions: travel health and reproductive health.


Meet our

Our Clinician
Medical Consultation

Travel Consult

The most comprehensive appointment type- we will discuss all travel health risks (insect transmitted illness, traveller's diarrhea, vaccines, COVID precautions, altitude sickness)

Make an appointment for:​

  • 1 adult $85

  • 1 student (with valid student ID) $72

  • 2 people $150

  • Family (3+ people) $180

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Malaria Prevention

 Did you know that if you have lived in Canada for 12 months or more, any immunity you may have had to malaria wanes and you can get really ill with malaria?

Stay safe! Make an appointment to discuss antimalarials. 
This services is for those visiting friends and family abroad at a destination where malaria is a concern

$35 per person

Beach Day

Resort Travel
Concerns about stomach upset and hepatitis risks? Get advice on prevention.

Make an appointment for:​

  • 1 person $50

  • 2 people $90

  • Family (3+ people) $125


People hiking with backpacks

Altitude Sickness
Visiting Cusco or climbing Kilimanjaro? Get advice and prescriptions for preventing altitude sickness.

$50 per person

How it works (temp)

E. B., 35

"My travel health consult with Dr. McCullagh-Cheung was a great experience. Dr. McCullagh-Cheung was very well prepared and knowledgeable, did a great job explaining any health risks and recommending precautions for my upcoming trip."

M. H., 19

“As a first time international-traveller, Dr. McCullagh-Cheung made this process very smooth. She was informative, took the time to discuss my options and made me feel well-prepared for my trip.”

A. K., 21

“I came to Dr. McCullagh-Cheung in regards to my trip to South East Asia. She was very thorough and detailed indicating the different diseases in the countries I was visiting, prevention methods, and the right medication and vaccination to receive. From this, I was also able to receive my vaccinations through her."

Pharmacy Partnerships

Stay tuned! For your convenience, we are partnering with 18 Whole Health pharmacies across the province (Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Niagara, London, Ottawa). This means that after you have your virtual consult, you would visit one of our partners to pick up any travel health prescriptions and receive shots for an additional fee ($20 for one injection, $35 for multiple injections). The benefit of going to a partner pharmacy is the peace of mind that they keep travel medications and vaccines in stock and routinely administer vaccines, so you don't need to worry about multiple trips to the pharmacy. 

Health Insurance

Although travel medicine is not covered under OHIP, many extended health insurance plans will provide reimbursement for travel vaccines and medications. If you have a health spending account, this can be used to cover the cost of the doctor's visit itself. 

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