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E. B., 35

“My travel health consult with Dr. McCullagh-Cheung was a great experience. Dr. McCullagh-Cheung was very well prepared and knowledgeable, did a great job explaining any health risks and recommending precautions for my upcoming trip. Dr. McCullagh-Cheung was very helpful and clearly is passionate about travel medicine! The office itself is brand new, very clean with friendly and helpful staff including the front desk and nursing staff.”

M. H., 19

“As a first time international-traveller, Dr. McCullagh-Cheung made this process very smooth. She was informative, took the time to discuss my options and made me feel well-prepared for my trip.”

A. K., 21

“I came to Dr. McCullagh-Cheung in regards to my trip to South East Asia. She was very thorough and detailed indicating the different diseases in the countries I was visiting, prevention methods, and the right medication and vaccination to receive. From this, I was also able to receive my vaccinations through her. Dr. McCullagh-Cheung is very personal and takes her time to do her research and provide the best knowledge for each of her clients.“  

M. J. T., 64

“My experience at the travel clinic was extremely beneficial. Although I am a seasoned traveller, this is the first time I have visited such a clinic. Since I was travelling to Morocco for two weeks I wanted to make sure I had important health information along with other information that would make my trip run smoothly. It was a small group tour. There were only six of us, all friends, along with an outstanding guide and driver. Dr. McCullagh-Cheung had researched the areas I would be visiting. She provided me with many important cautions, for example, only drink bottled water and don’t drink camel milk to name just two. My recent vaccinations were reviewed and I was given those that were recommended and missing. I was also given a prescription for travellers’ diarrhea. This was useful. The staff was very pleasant. I found my visit to be very informative. I will definitely make use of this facility when I travel again.”

H. S., 67

"I would like to happily point out that during my 135 days in India four years ago, and my 75 days in India this year, I had no digestive upsets whatsoever except for a day or so of illness four years ago caused by a bad pizza I unwisely bought. I attribute this largely to the Dukoral oral vaccine for digestive systems that you prescribed for this trip (and I used it for the previous trip too). Very professional and helpful. I hope your professional presence in the McMaster Downtown Travel Clinic continues."

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